Sunday, May 16, 2010


Ricky Swallow
Antony Gormley
Francis Bacon
Damien Hirst
Lucien Freud
Ron Mueck

Distopia, Dislocation and Disturbance

Josh Keyes

"Scorch II", 30"x40", acrylic on panel, 2009
Joseph Beuys

Unschlitt/Tallow, 1977
(Twenty tons of tallow fat cut into six elements)
Matthew Barney - Drawing Restraint 7

Drawing Restraint 7 is part of Barney's ongoing interest in self-imposed restraint. He creates conditions in which it is an extreme challenge to draw on a surface, then attempts to do just that, stressing the notion that form cannot develop without resistance. Barney first experimented with this principle in Drawing Restraint 2, where he strapped himself to an elaborate harness and vaulted up to a pad of paper attached to the ceiling in an attempt to make marks.

In this work, two cloven-hoofed satyrs wrestle in the back seat of a stretch limousine, trying to force each other to make images with their horns in the condensation on the limo's sunroof. Barney's interest in Greco-Roman mythology is apparent in this video installation, and the artist himself plays the young satyr with budding horns who spins endlessly in pursuit of his own tail. This work can be read not only as an extension of Barney's ideas about physical metamorphosis, but as a metaphor for the seemingly endless struggle of the artist.
Adam McEwen

Honda Teen Facial, 2010
Boeing 747 undercarriage
Approximately: 137 13/16 x 118 1/8 x 71 11/16 inches
David Cronenburg - Crash